Sunset Hill Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosa Breeder


Sire: Solar Flair Éclat!

G-Sire: Coyotes Apache                                 G-Dam: Angel Many Spots  

                                                                                                 with Solar Flair Eclat as a Foal !  

G-G-Sire: Little Coyote                                               PJ's Pet with foal Coyotes Apache!

G-G-Sire: Chubs Powderface           G-G-Dam: Money Creeks Leopard Angel

G-G-Sire: Butanas Orbit                           G-G-G-Sire: Patchy Yamani

G-G-G-Sire: Chuby Pawnee                         G-G-G-Sire: Peppers Shamrock

G-G-G-Sire: Butana                                        Patchy Jr.   

Chief Chelsea                                         Sizzle Britches

Fourmile Fascimile of Circle L                         The Leopard King

Siri Shiek                                                        Zebra Dun      

           Angels Shadow                                          Money Creeks Rockledge! 

Bambi E                                                           Patchy

       Leopard Lady                                             Arab Toswirah Alkhar

Blossom                                                         Apache  

Chief Of Fourmile                                                  Babe of the HooDoos

                 Shavano                                                Renners Pepper

Chief Joseph Rex                                                Sundance 500