Sunset Hill Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosa Breeder

Sire: Solar Flair Éclat                          Dam: Dazzling Sundotts

Sire: Solar Flair Éclat

G-Sire: Coyotes Apache                                 G-Dam: Angel Many Spots  

                                                                                                 with Solar Flair Eclat as a Foal !  

              G-Sire: Coyotes Apache                         G-Dam: Powders Polkadot

G-G-Sire: Little Coyote                                               PJ's Pet with foal Coyotes Apache!

G-G-Sire: Chubs Powderface           G-G-Dam: Money Creeks Leopard Angel

G-G-G-Sire: Chuby Pawnee                         G-G-G-Sire: Peppers Shamrock

G-G-G-Sire: Butana                                        Patchy Jr.   

Chief Chelsea                                         Sizzle Britches

       Fourmile Fascimile of Circle L                           The Leopard King

Siri Shiek                                                        Zebra Dun      

           Angels Shadow                                          Money Creeks Rockledge! 

Bambi E                                                           Patchy

                          Leopard Lady                                         Arab Toswirah Alkhar

Blossom                                                         Apache  

Chief Of Fourmile                                       Babe of the HooDoos

                 Shavano                                                Renners Pepper

Chief Joseph Rex                                                Sundance 500

Woodrow Shiek                                    Wylata King Bird

Rainy Moon                                         Granite Canyon

Toby I                                                               Toby II

Kamiak Trixie                                                       Kathy

Painter III                                            Marvels Angel

Old Painter                                                 Young Painter

Prince                                                                    Sis 

Appalo                                                             Blanco